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Hourly Consulting Examples:


"Can you make my estimate template better?" 

"Can you tell me how much I should mark-up my costs?"

"Can you tell me what estimating software to buy and teach me how to use it?"


"How do I follow up with clients who owe me money?"

"How do I train my subcontractors to fill out the paperwork correctly?"

"What is the best way to invoice customers?"


"What the hell is the cloud, do I need it, and how much does it cost?"

"How do I get a "professional" email address?"

"What computer/iPad/phone should I buy for my field guys?"


"How do I get more clients, and where do I find them?"

"Can you create a website for me? What about a logo?"

"How quickly can you make a sign for my business?"

Human Resources

"Can you train my employee to do X"

"How do I hire an employee and how much do I pay them?" 

"Is it better to have a 1099 or a W-2?"

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