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How Videos Help Construction Companies (w/ HOW-TO)

Watch the video instead of reading the text: How Videos Help Construction Companies

Did you know that YouTube is the best place for contractors to place their videos?

  • Youtube is free, easy to use, easily "back-links" to your website/socials, and helps your construction company rank higher in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Different Types of Videos:

  1. Informal Videos should be SFC (So Fucking Cool) AKA Sort, Fun, Consistent! Informal videos are shot on mobile phones, and used on social media: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. These videos can help you get viewers engaged, and might get you residential customers - but these informal videos most likely will NOT help you land commercial clients.

  2. Formal Videos also called "Professional Videos" are much longer and require a lot more than an iphone! Formal videos are typically put on your website and consistently "pushed" to your potential clients (or employees!).

Formal Videos can help your construction company create brand recognition, attract top employees, and even help you land clients!

The Truth: CUSTOMERS WATCH VIDEOS TO DETERMINE IF THEY TRUST, LIKE & RESPECT YOU. (and just like you and every other human, their attention span is about 7 seconds...Spend the time and energy creating a THOUGHTFUL formal video!)

What do you need for formal videos?

How do you come up with a strategy?

  • What do YOU WANT from this video?

  • What does your target audience need to UNDERSTAND from this video?

  • What does your target audience VALUE?

How do you share the right information?

  • Think of how your target audience speaks (LINGO)

  • Write it DOWN!!!

How do you get the RIGHT people sharing the RIGHT information?

  • Determine who will be in the video

  • Tell them upfront and WRITE THE SCRIPT FOR THEM!

Pro Tip:

  • You should add cool stuff called "B-Roll" to this video.... - pictures and videos of your job-site, office, and shop pictures - sprinkle in some video of your employees too!

When considering hiring a third party to handle your video:

  1. Ask for referrals from people you trust. (I'm personally against utilizing big-name companies who will treat you like a number.)

  2. Ask for a portfolio (examples of previous work).

  3. Work with someone you LIKE (you'll want to keep going back to this person when you need new videos!)

If you're considering on hiring a person in-house to handle your video needs:

  1. If you can, hire someone with Experience (i.e. a portfolio) . If thats not in the budget, hire someone who is at least in SCHOOL for it, or has done PERSONAL projects!

Our mission at Broven is to help small Texas contractors operate like the Big Dogs.

We hope this helped.


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