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experience in big business
a passion for small business


By the time I was 7, I was working on jobsites, sweeping and picking up trash on the weekends. My father started a concrete company out of the back of a 1972 Camaro with a shovel, wheelbarrow and trial. He did this with no "business" experience, no financial backing and no resources - just like millions of small business owners in the US. Although my fathers company is still successful to this day.... watching my family struggle with the ups and downs of business ownership, made me wonder.... 

Why do small business always seem to get the short stick and big businesses seem to have it all together?

I went to business school while working full time during the week, and positioning my families business to gain clients on the weekends. Although I never wanted to work in "The City", I knew the only way to answer my question was to work in big business. I worked at the #7 Design Build General Contractor in the United States - starting as the first (and only) internal employee. We went from 1 employee at $320,000 to 45 employees at $100,000,000 in 4 years. 

Big businesses don't have it all together, but what they do have is a system and plan in place...for everything. 

I have worked with companies with 0 employees to 400 employees, and with business owners with Ivy League degrees to 7th grade educations. I haven't seen education or employee count determine the success of a company; I've found that what determines an owners success is their determination, relationships, ability to plan, pivot and most importantly their ability to know when to get outside help. 

I have experience in Operations, Sales, IT, HR, and Marketing. I've created websites, Standard Operating Procedures, Budgets, Estimate, Proposal and Presentation templates. I've saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars with vendors, replaced entire labor forces and organized entire servers. 

Give me a call and lets see how I can help YOUR business. If I can't help you, I will refer you to someone who can.

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